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What is the Golden POV?

Updated: Feb 26, 2021

Hey everyone!

My name is Samson and the main reason I am starting this blog is to give the dogs the voice they deserve. Humans think they know what's best...but do they? Heck sometimes my humans cant even decide what to wear let alone decide what is needed/not needed in my life. Which is why I am here....on my site you will find reviews on dog treats, dog toys, dog beds, dog clothing, etc. At times I seem to be a little biased, but I do have a strong opinion when it comes to a Dog living its best life. Humans think time fly's by for them...well yeah multiply that by 7 and come talk to me. Which means as a dog we need to have the time of our little doggy lifes everyday and every minute. So join me here to see reviews on what i think makes my life the best and hopefully my POV makes your life Golden...just like mine.



The Golden POV

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